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Taking a road trip? Getting on an airplane? Stay grounded in your body with Sweetbody’s Stress-Free Travel kit and enjoy the ride!

Suggested Protocol:

Use the oil roller on low back, neck and shoulders, at temples, and base of head to help minimize aches and pains.

Roll the oil on hands or wrists and sniff for a whiff of calming aromatherapy from Sweetbody’s essential oil blends.

Do you get tension headaches? Apply the oil roller at temples, around ears, and neck - ears to shoulders. You can rub it in or just let it soak in on its own - oil will absorb in a couple minutes.

Keep the kit in your bag or purse for any pain relief situations when you’re traveling or just on the go!


PRO TIP: Our product packaging is TSA-friendly. All Sweetbody Originals are TSA-friendly.


This Stress-Free Travel Kit contains: (1) Arnica Recovery oil 0.33oz, (1) Arnica Grounding oil 0.33oz, and (1) 1 oz Arnica Grounding balm.


Regular price (if purchased separately): $39

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