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THE COMEBACK KIT - Grounding Infused


They call it a comeback! All the Sweetbody essentials for your weekend warrior or athlete in need of some serious muscle recovery.

Suggested Protocol:

Before taking a Sweetbody bath, rub the balm into your sore spots and areas of chronic pain.

Empty the contents of a bath soak into running bathwater and enjoy your soak for at least 20 minutes.

After your Sweetbody bath, use the oil roller on and around those sore spots and pain areas - after you towel off and before you get dressed. Let it soak in a few minutes first.


PRO TIP: Use the products together. Repeat daily or every other day, as necessary.

The Comeback Kit - Grounding Infused, contains: (1) Arnica + Hemp Grounding bath soak 16oz, (1) Arnica + Hemp Grounding balm 1 oz, (1) Arnica + Hemp Grounding oil 0.33oz 

Regular Price (if purchased separately): $106