About Us

Designed with Intention

Debi and Rebecca, creators of Sweetbody products

Sweetbody Laboratories was born from a need for natural yet effective topical pain relieving balm, that could be used as a deep tissue massage lotion. As a partnership of licensed massage therapists, we endeavor to create products that are nourishing - not drying - to the skin and soft tissue, effective at soothing inflammation, and, above all, smell freakin' amazing.

The company emerged based on many years of feedback from our massage clients, at our private practice in Portland, Oregon: Unwind Massage. 

Certified Organic

Our products contain only certified organic ingredients, and the highest quality essential oils available. Most of our supplier partners are local small businesses, here in Portland and on the West Coast. 

Sweetbody Arnica massage balms, oils, and bath soaks are multi-faceted in their usefulness, shelf stable without chemical additives, and provide the dual pain-relieving benefits of aromatherapy and decrease in inflammation. Any and all of our products can be used for every day, for once in awhile, for stress and tension, for acute pain, for chronic pain - the list goes on. What started as a massage balm is now a useful addition to your first aid kit!

This multi-functionality was designed with intention, not as a one-size-fits-all, but as a natural and effective alternative for pain relief and body care accessible to everybody. Every body is a Sweetbody.

Nemawashi in Action: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Sweetbody Laboratories