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What Our Customers Say

"​I've had issues with my hips and lower back for the last 8 years which causes muscle spasms from my hamstrings up to the top of my pelvic bones. Nothing I have tried has helped other than the few times I actually allowed a doctor to prescribe muscle relaxers (which I hate taking, I'm not one to turn to pills to deal with physical issues unless ABSOLUTELY necessary).

This morning I was standing for about 3 straight hours and I could feel all my muscles start to tense as they do, I rolled some of the Arnica Grounding oil on and rubbed it in and - I'm not kidding - within just a few minutes everything seemed to relax which in turn stopped the sciatic nerve pain which comes after my muscles start to spasm.

I can see now why everyone at the BOP [Portland State University’s Business Outreach Program]  raves about your products, this experience definitely convinced me to be a lifelong user.

Thank you, so much, for creating such a wonderful product."

- Ashley A. Portland, OR


"I am challenged by repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis and arthritis. I can't physically tolerate oral pain relievers and have been searching a long time for holistic remedies. Enter Sweetbody Laboratories products. What blessed relief for my body and soul. So soothing and relaxing.

I use the Grounding Arnica oil and balm all over my body morning and night, and carry it with me to reapply as needed. It absorbs quickly and is never greasy or sticky; the fragrance is just right -- subtle but just noticeable enough to remind me of the healing taking place in my body.

​True holistic healing going on here!"

- Alice S. Seattle, WA


​"I recently suffered from a concussion. There isn't anything you can take for the pain besides Tylenol and that was not doing anything for me!!! I stumbled across your Arnica Grounding Oil and for the first time since my concussion the throbbing has stopped!!!! It has helped me feel almost normal again!!! "

- Theresa S. Oakland, CA


"When my spouse brought home a roller of the Arnica Grounding oil, I was surprised it worked as well as it does. I'm hooked. 

I have Hughes Syndrome (APS) and it causes joint inflammation and pain. Lots of it. Being a renegade knitter and all around DIYer, I need my joints, especially my wrists, to be pain free. I was going through IbuProfen like tic-tacs. My stomach was a mess from it. This oil (and the loving hand/wrist rubs I get with it) have eased my pain and reduced the amount of anti-inflammatories I take. It's also a blessing for my neck, shoulders, and back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Catie G. Portland, OR


"I wanted to offer an enthusiastic testimonial! 

My girlfriends and I just did a three-day, 40-mile trail run and relied heavily on your Arnica Recovery balm.

​Not only did it smell amazing, it felt great on the skin and I'm convinced it helped all of us with our aches and pains. We experienced very little soreness the entire run. Thank you!!!! I'm hooked!"

- Lisa P. Portland, OR


"Sweetbody has changed my life!

I have gone from using naproxen (Aleve) almost daily to mitigate my back pain and headaches, to only a few times a month.

​I love Sweetbody Arnica products and buy them for everyone I know to help them find a better, natural way to deal with their ailments." 

- Lara D. Portland, OR


"I woke up in the middle of the night last night, with a terrible pain in my neck. I immediately went for my ice pack.

After 2 hours of icing, I was still in pain and still couldn't sleep, so finally I went and grabbed my Sweetbody Arnica Grounding Oil roller bottle.

​Within minutes after applying it, my pain had nearly vanished.

​THANK YOU, Sweetbody, for healing my pain, and allowing me to get a decent night sleep!!"

- Katie R. Portland, OR


"I love-love-love your product. 

I had no idea my shoulder pain was keeping me awake until I used the Arnica Recovery Balm. 

Every night that I use it, I sleep at least 7 hours and wake REFRESHED!

​That hasn't happened in YEARS! 

Thank you so much!"  

- Felicia T. Scottsdale, AZ


"I love the arnica oil.

​It comes with me just about everywhere that I go and has become my new favorite gift to give to my friends and family.

​It's great for just about everyone... from my friends, who are mainly active climbers and bikers, to my grandmother who bruises easily. 

It makes me happy to use a high quality, locally made product that I trust."

- Elizabeth F. Portland, OR


"I’ve been looking for a better arnica product for awhile, and a friend shared your Sweetbody Recovery Oil with me last week - it is so great!!

​I can actually feel it working which is fantastic.

I've had more relief from your arnica products than any of the cocktails of chemicals they've injected into me.

Thank you for believing in alternative healing and making people better.

Feel free to use my testimony on your website - yours is a product I can get behind. I want everyone to know about it.

Thanks for your excellent customer service too!"

- Keli B. Portland, OR


“I was introduced to the wonders of your arnica oil a few years ago by my best friend. She swore by the stuff, and when I broke my arm - she said I needed to get some Sweetbody Arnica Recovery Balm. 

​This bruise hurt like crazy and it was gigantic, and I would’ve done anything to get rid of it and the aching pain. So I bought my first container of Arnica Recovery Balm…and never went back. Not only did it ease the pain, but the bruise was gone in record time. I also bruise pretty easily, but all I need to do is to dab on a little Arnica a few times a day and it goes away. 

I now make sure my house is equipped with Sweetbody Arnica oils, balms, and bath soaks at all times! Any family with small kids, any person who is accident prone, anyone with sore muscles…really everyone needs Sweetbody’s arnica products.”

 - Erin S. Spokane, WA


"Sweetbody oils are my new best friends! 

I have used lots of arnica products before but Sweetbody is truly in a league of its own. 

I can actually FEEL it working! It even helps soothe my most intense migraines. 

I take it everywhere and I am sharing it with everyone I care about. 

What a relief to take fewer pain pills and still find relief. Thank you from my whole body!"

- Gavin D. Portland, OR


"As a baker and a bicycle commuter, I often end the day with various aches and pains.

​Sweetbody's Arnica Recovery Oil is incredible for these occasions. It is easy to apply, and quick to alleviate the pain.

I would recommend this product to anybody active. It completely blew me away, and I now carry it with me everywhere.”

- Anna C. Portland, OR


"I have used Sweetbody Arnica Balm for 5-6 years for relief of joint and muscle pain, and for healing of ligament and muscle strains. In my hands and feet especially. 

It works very well for me. I previously used Tiger Balm, which would provide only temporary pain relief with its heat properties. Sweetbody works better and smells a lot better. 

​I highly recommend the Sweetbody Arnica Balm."

- Larry K., Harrison, ID


"I have more good days than bad lately and I f-ing love Sweetbody arnica! 

I swear it helps within 10-15 minutes. 

​I use it after a shower and sometimes if I'm feeling a little achy I'll put some on mid day. I love that stuff! 

I also love to use the Infused Grounding Balm on my hands, especially since the pandemic started and I’m washing them all the time. It absorbs quickly and leaves my hands super soft with a light scent - not greasy!! 

- Beth C., World Traveler


You got me to take a bath...

I went cross country skiing, and I knew I was going to be sore afterwards. So I preemptively took a soak in the Sweetbody Infused Recovery bath salts after I got home.

It was lovely!

I definitely think it helped and eased the soreness I feel today. 

It was just relaxing and you can definitely tell the difference from a regular bath in just water, to one with your bath salts. Just so much more relaxing and healing.

Thanks for the amazing soak!

- Anonymous, Portland, OR


I have used Sweetbody Arnica oils and salves for several years now. It is by far the most effective for muscle pain, swelling and tension. 

I have scoliosis, whiplash and damage from living an active life that have resulted in me being in pain daily. I use Sweetbody after I have been super active to help support the areas I can feel will be in pain the next day and in some cases I wake up pain free! 

I carry a Sweetbody Arnica oil roller or salve on me wherever I go so that I can apply as needed. It immediately helps lessen my pain and allows me to go about my normal activities. It also smells so good! 

- Emily, Portland, OR


Having used your Arnica Grounding balm it’s helped me very much!!! I broke my Lateral Plateau tibia. With twelve screws and a titanium L bracket I don’t get much sleep due to severe pain. With your product this has changed.

Just today I’ve shared your product with Rebound orthopedic therapy and a friend who is a chiropractor. 

- Elizabeth, Portland, OR


I've really loved the topicals [Sweetbody Infused] so far!! Best ones I've tried for sore post-workout muscles.

- Emma, Portland, OR